Department of Materials Engineering, The University of Tokyo  KITA RESEARCH GROUP
  • Congratulating graduation (Mar 23-24, 2020)

    仯 Congratulations, M2 Koyanagi-kun & Hamaguchi-kun, B4 Kaneda-kun, Hasegawa-kun, and Liu-kun.
  • The 6th Symposium on Advanced Power Semiconductors (Dec 3-4, 2019)
    仯 Enjoyed exciting poster session, just the same as we have in every year.
  • ISCSI-VIII@Tohoku Univ in Sendai (Nov 27-29, 2019)
    仯 Chu-san and Prof. Kita delivered oral presentaions.
  • IWDTF2019@Tokyo Institute of Technology (Nov 18-20, 2019)

    仯 Together with Prof. C. H. Lee (Zhejiang Univ) and Dr. Shibayama (Nagoya Univ). Hamaguchi-kun was awarded for Young Research Award. Our paper by Dr. Adhi Dwi Hatmanto and Prof. Kita was selected for Best Paper Award.
  • We had mini-workshop on SiC interface science with a special guest: Prof. Leonard Feldman from Rutgers University (Nov 15, 2019)

    仯 Thank you for very exciting talk, Prof. Feldman ! Had a table with Prof. Feldman, Prof. X. Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ乯丆Emeritus Prof. A. Toriumi丆Prof. Y. Matsushita (Tokyo Tech)丆Dr. H. Hirai乮AIST乯 and Prof. Kita.

  • ICSCRM 2019@Kyoto (Oct 2019)

    仯 Together with the alumni, Dr. H. Hirai (AIST), Prof. Xiuyang Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.), and Dr. Shengkai Wang (Chinese Academy of Science. Noguchi-san, one of our colloborator,made an invited talk.

  • OUBUTSU Conference (Japanese Society of Applied Physics, by-annual meeting )@Sapporo (Sep 2019)

    Never miss Genghis Khan in Sapporo!

  • Graduation Ceremony (Sep 2019)
    仯 Congratulation! Adhi-san, have a good academic life in Indonesia! Chu-san, enjoy your study in phD course!

  • SSDM2019 @Nagoya (Sep 2019)

    Photo with an alumni Lee-san

    Having dinner with Adhi-san's family. We really enjoyed Indonesian style avogado juice 仺

  • Wrap-up Party @Ajihiro in Hongo-Sanchome (Jul 2019)

  • Tsinghua Univ - Univ of Tokyo Joint Multidisciplinary Symposium (May 2019)

  • Graduation Ceremony (Mar 2019)

    仯Congratulations! Nishida-kun, Suzuki-kun, Tamura-kun, Watanabe-kun.

  • OUBUTSU conference (JSAP Annual Meeting)@Tokyo Tech, Ookayama (Mar 2019)

    仯We gave seven talks at the conference. Otsukare-sama.
  • Party at Italian restaurant after the final presentations (Feb 2019, Puento@Hongo)

  • Workshop on Electron Device Interface Technology@Mishima (Jan 2019)

    仯Hamaguchi-kun won the YASUDA-prize for young researchers.
  • ACSIN-14/ICSPM26@Sendai (Oct 2018)

    仯Together with Samurais at the banquet.

  • Welcome Party of new foreign students@SENGYO-YA at Hongo (Oct 2018)

    仯Welcome to Tokyo! Kil-kun, Mao-kun, and Ryu-san.

  • Graduation Ceremony (Sep 2018)

    仯Congratulations, Siri! Now you are in the doctroal course.

  • SSDM2018@Univ of Tokyo (Sep 2018)

    仯Good presentations - Adhi, Nishida-kun, Hamaguchi-kun,and Koyanagi-kun.

  • ECSCRM2018@Birmingham, UK (Sep 2018)

    We made two oral presentations.
  • New B4 students welcome party @Hongo (Apr 2018)

    Welcome to our group! Suzuki-kun, Tamura-kun, and Watanabe-kun.
  • Celebrating graduation / Hanami (cherry-blossom) Party @Ueno Park (Mar. 2018)

    仯Sakuta-kun, Kamata-kun, Koyanagi-ku, and Hamaguchi-kun, congratulations!

  • Oubutsu Conference (JSAP 2018 Spring Meeting@Waseda University, Mar 2018)

    仯 Adhi, Sakuta-kun, Nishida-kun, Koyanaghi-kun, and Hamaguchi-kun made oral presentations.
  • The first graduates-get-together party! in Momo@Nezu (Mar 2018)

    仯 So many alumni + active members

  • SISC2017@San Diego, CA (Dec 2017)
    仯 D3 Hirai-kun and M2 Kamata-kun made presentations. We enjoyed beautiful days!
  • IWDTF2017 (@Nara, Todaiji Culture Center, Nov 2017)

    仯 D2 Adhi Dwi Hatmanto received Young Research Award. Congratulations!
  • Annual Workshop of JSAP Advanced Power Semiconductor Devision (@Nagoya Congress Center, Nov 2017)

    仯 D3 Hirai-kun, D2 Adhi, M2 Sakuta-kun, and M1 Nishida-kun made presentations.
  • Farewell Party at Wagyu Yakiniku PANGA (@Okachi-machi, Sep 2017)

    仯 Party at haral Yakiniku restaurant - Congratulations for graduation, Fei-kun and Li-kun!
  • SSDM 2017@Sendai (Sep 2017)

    仯 Photo at ImPACT Symposium@Tohoku Univ. just after SSDM conference.
  • JSPS Fall Meeting @Fukuoka Convention Center (Sep 2017)

    仯 M2 Kamata-kun, M1 Siri, and M1 Nishida-kun made oral presentations. Finally we had a beautiful day!

  • INFOS2017@Potsdom, Germany (June 2017)

    仯 Fei-kun&Prof. Kita made oral presentations
  • M1 Kamata-kun & Prof. Kita joined Univ. of Tokyo - Tsingfua Univ. Joint Symposium@Beijing (Apr. 2017)

    仯 Tsingfua University Campus & Forbidden City in Beijing.
  • New B4 students welcome party @Daihadhi, Nezu (Apr. 2017)

    仯 Welcome to our group, Koyanagi-kun & Hamaguchi-kun.
  • Hanami Party (cherry blossoms blooming party) @Ueno Park (Apr. 2017)

    仯 Enjoyed full-blooming cherry blossoms!
  • Farewell Party @Aburi-Sakaba Yukari in Hongo (Mar. 2017)

    仯 Kajifusa-kun & Kuroyama-kun, congratulations on graduation!
  • 64th JSAP Spring Meeting @ Pacifico Yokohama (Mar. 2017)

    仯 D3 Fei-kun, D2 Hirai-kun, M2 Kajifusa-kun, Li-kun, M1 Kamata-kun, Sakuta-kun, and Prof. Kita made oral presentations.
  • New foreign members welcome party@Halima Kebab Biryani in Ueno (Oct. 2016)

    仯 Welcome to our research group! Adhi, Siri, and Chu-san.
  • SSDM2016@Tsukuba International Congress Center (Sep 2016)

    仯 D2 Fei-kun, Hirai-kun, M2 Kajifusa-kun, M1 Kamata-kun, and Prof. Kita made oral presentations. Otsukare-sama!
  • Mid-summer party@Enshu-ya in Kasuga (Jul 2017)

    仯 B4&M2 mid-term presentations Otsukare-sama.
  • 63rd JSPS Spring Meeting@Tokyo Tech, Ookayama (Mar 2016)

    仯 We made 7 oral presentations
  • Pizza Party at Aoi Napoli, Koishikawa after final/mid-term presentations of master's and undergraduate programs (Feb 2016)

    仯 Congratulations on the success of presentations, Kamata-kun, Sakuta-kun, Oishi-kun, Fujino-kun, Fei-kun, and Misha!
  • 2016 Joint Conference of MMM/Intermag @San Diego (Jan 2016)
  • BONENKAI "takoyaki" Party (Dec 2015)

  • MOMIJI-GARI autumn leeves @Koishikawa (Nov 2015)

  • TU-SNU-UT Three Univ Student Workshop, together with Tsinghua Univ and Seoul National Univ@Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China (Oct 2015)

    仯 Tour to the east end of the Great Wall, Shanhaiguan(嶳奀娭) together with Prof. Inoue and Kita, after the workshop.
  • ICSCRM2015@Giardini Naxos, Italy (Oct. 2015乯

    仯 We made two oral presentations (Hirai-kun & Prof. Kita)
  • SSDM2015@Sapporo (Sep 2015)

  • SUSHI Party at Hinazushi, Ginza after mid-term presentations of undergraduates, master course, and phD students (Jul 2015)

    仯 Congratulation of your successful presentations - Kamata-kun, Sakuta-kun, Oishi-kun, Fujino-kun, Misha, and Jiayang.
  • Graduation Ceremony! (Mar 2015)

    仯 Congratulations - Kajifusa-kun and Segawa-kun
  • Oubutsu Conference (Japan Society of Applied Physics 2015 Spring Meeting) (Mar 2015, @Tokai Univ)

    仯 Kikuchi-kun, Fujino-kun, Hirai-kun and Oishi-kun made oral presentations.
  • Party for the success of graduation thesis (Rantei-Ponta at Ueno, Feb 2015)

    仯 Juicy pork cutlet - delicious!
  • 45th IEEE Semiconcutror Interface Specialists Conference (SISC) @San Diego (Dec. 2014).

    仯 We visited Prof. S. Dayeh in UCSD after the conference.
  • BBQ Party !! @Ginza, BBQ DE GINZA (Nov. 2014).

  • The 1st Workshop on Advanced Power Semicondutors@Nagoya (Nov. 2014).

    仯 Hirai-kun received the young-researcher award! Congratulations!!
  • New foreign students joined our group - Welcome Party at KANEKEN, Nezu (Oct. 2014).

    仯 Welcome to our university, Jiayang & Michail.
  • Fujino-kun and Oishi-kun gave a talk at Oubutsu-Gakkai (JSAP2014 Fall Meeting) at Sapporo, Hokkaido (Sep 2014).

  • Kikuchi-kun, Hirai-kun, and Fujino-kun made presentations at SSDM2014 at Tsukuba, Ibaraki (Sep 2014).

  • Party for success of M2 and B4 mid-term presentations ! at AKIRA, Sendagi (Jul. 25, 2014).

    仯 Nice & fresh sea foods!
  • Welcome Beer Party ! at Franziskaner, Ochanomizu (Apr. 18, 2014).

    仯 Welcome to our group, Kajifusa-kun & Segawa kun.

  • Hanami 乮cherry-blossom party)@Ueno Park (Apr 2014)

    仯 New comer, Kajifusa-kun joined!
  • Graduation Ceremony - Congratulations (Mar 2014)

    仯 Congratulations, Oishi-kun & Fujino-kun.
  • Wine Party両 for undergraduate students (Feb 2014)

    仯 Congratulation on successful presentation, Oishi-kun and Fujino-kun! Beef cheek was so nice for wine........
  • Gate Stack Technology and Physics at New Welcity Yugawara (Jan 2014)

    仯 Photo with Prof. Samares Kar, the invited speaker from IIT, India.
  • End-of-year BONENKAI - Nabe party (Dec. 2013)

    仯 Nabe and Jenga game - the winner was Okamura-kun, who is one of the guests from JIYU-KENKYU class for second year students.
  • ICSCRM2013 was held at Miyazaki Seagaia Resort (Sep. - Oct. 2013).

    仯 Kikuchi-kun & Hirai-kun made presentations.

    仯 We enjoyed the original Chicken-Nanban at restaurant "OGURA".
  • Welcome Party at ZAKURO, a restaurant in Yanaka.

    仯With the famous owner of ZAKURO.

    仯Fujino-kun & Oishi-kun, welcome to our group!

    仯Eat, dance, and smoke a Hookah.
  • Graduation Ceremony (Hirai, Kikuchi, and Kuribara). Conglaturations! 乮Mar 2013)

    Hirai-kun received the "Student Encouraging Award of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan/the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials."

    .仯 Hirai-kun and Jiang-kun ; the award winners.
  • Dr. Daniel C. Worledge of IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center visited us. (Jan. 28, 2013)
  • Naruto Miyakawa and Prof. Kita joined 12th Joint MMM/Intermag Conference at Chicago, IL, USA. (Jan. 15, 2013)

    仯 Just after the oral presentations...

    仯 View of Downtown Chicago from the top of Hancock Center
  • Happy birthday, Hirai-kun (Nov. 2012乯

    At SiC workshop (domestic) in Osaka (Nov. 2012乯丅

    仯 Osaka Central Public Hall, an important cultural property.

  • One of the Osaka's soul foods, Kushi-Katsu.

  • ICEAN 2012 (Int. Conf. on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials)@Brisbane
仯 At a Koala's sanctuary

  • ECS 2012 Fall Meeting (PRiME2012) @Honolulu

    仯 View around Hawaii Convention Center

  • ICAUMS2013@Nara (Oct. 2012乯

    仯 Budda in TODAIJI temple

  • International Conference on Solid State Device and Physics@Kyoto (Sep. 25-27, 2012).

  • OUBUTSU (Japanese Society of Applied Physics) conference@Matsuyama (Sep. 10-14, 2012).

After the presentations : Miyakawa-kun, Koba-kun, and Prof. Kita.

Shimanami-Kaido : the view of Kurushima-Kaikyo.

  • HANAMI party @ Ueno Park (Apr. )

Welcome to our group, new under-graduate students!

  • Party! for celebrating graduate thesis completion (at Ueno, Feb.20)

Yakiniku-BBQ ..... we had too much.

The 1st darts competition! The winner was......

  • Scene in our room (Feb. 2012) -- building up molecular model kits

  • Santa Fe city (Prof. Kita gave an invited talk at PCSI-39, Jan. 2012).

  • 1st BONEN-KAI (end-of-year party) of KITA Research Group !(Dec 9, 2011)

丒丒丒 tasted so good 侓

KITA Research Group members with sophomore students of "JIYU-KENKYU".

40th Seminar on Thin films and Surface Physics@ODAIBA (Nov 10, 2011)

Dinner together with Kageshima-san (NTT, 2nd from right).

Night-view of Odaiba.

Kick-off Meeting@NEZU (Aug 5, 2011)

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